Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ode to Caramel

oh caramel
you are my sweet
of choice
you can't be beat

i love your scent
and flavor so
your secret
i'll never know

how you woo me
into a trance
of bliss
and happy dance

whether Kraft
or Slow Poke or
caramel creme
you fulfill all my dreams

that's not true
caramel cremes are grime
but it helped me with
my rhyme

the truth is
you are an evil cat
and eating you
makes me fat

i love you though
i really do
and Halloween
it's true

for without
this hallowed date
i'd not consume pounds
equal to my weight

the end

3 comments: said...

how seasonally appropriate, dearest! Now, for the second verse about chocolate nugget???

Sarah said...

And what about those Mary Jane peanut butter taffy chews? I (oops, I mean Allyson) only got one in her trick or treat bag this year. So I bought a big bag of them yesterday for half off at Walmart. Only $.96 for about 100 of them. Maybe more!

eveannunziato said...

This is a hoot!! I love it! And, not surprisingly, I'm now in the mood for a Snickers. Caramel and chocolate is my favorite combo. Yuuuuuuuuuumy!!