Sunday, November 23, 2008

Get To Know Me

My friend Tam over at InProgress urged her readers to write things about ourselves that others might not know. She came up with 16. Not sure I can come up with that many, but here's a go:

1. I've had 16 front doors, at least....probably more.

2. I tried to join the Air Force when Spencer was a baby.....and they wanted me pretty badly....but I did not join because I wasn't willing to give over temporary custody of Spencer. I was too afraid I'd never get him back.

3. I'd much rather be cold than be hot. A cold person can do jumping-jacks to warm up.....the heat drives me insane.

4. Green is my favorite color and has been for a couple of years. Before then, I didn't have a favorite color, and I don't mean to have one now....but just cannot help it.

5. My husband and I have drastically different tastes in music, however, it was kinda music that brought us together. His musical choices make me want to stab myself....and he'd probably say the same about mine. LOL

6. I absolutely freaking love a drum line and marching bands. I never played in a marching band......but just love the music. I should have been one of those drum line dancing chics at football and basketball games. Seriously...... the drums give me goose bumps on my head. Those are SERIOUS goose bumps.

7. Living in Nashville, TN I have met a lot of famous people and have absolutely nothing exciting to tell you about them.

8. My favorite smell in the world is the smell of a horse's face and neck.

9. My husband loves sushi with massive amounts of wasabi. I like cheese, please.

10. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a vetrinarian for large animals. I specifically wanted to work at the San Diego zoo. I had never left the south, so not sure where that came from. And oh, by the way....that didn't happen.

11. I made terrible grades in high school and superb grades in college.

12. When I was a teenager, I drooled over convertible yellow corvettes. Now I only drool for cars that are paid for.

13. We do not have caller ID on our home phone anymore. I'll's weird and I'm not wild about it.

14. I have never watched an episode of ER, Law & Order, West Wing, 24, and many many other popular shows.....never!

15. I'm pretty handy. I recently changed out most of our faucets and some light fixtures. I dream of owning a nail gun someday.

16. I can't believe I have come up with 16 things... I'm letting my hair grow out again. It's gonna be about 300 bad hair days in a row, I'm afraid. it's your turn. If you post 16 things about yourself, let me know so I can read them.

Happy Sunday!



Anonymous said...

I LOVED reading these fun facts about your life. Wow, I'll start thinking of my own list.

Thanks for sharing! Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

Ally said...

Do you have cable? Isn't it nice to not be tied to shows...I hate it when people rush out of Bible study or wherever to get home for American Idol, etc.

Melissa said...

I love these sorts of things---it's like getting a crash course in all things YOU....

Sarah said...

I loved reading your 16 facts! I can't believe you know how to change faucets.

So which is weird: having caller ID or NOT having it? I didn't have it for a long time just because I was cheap. Now I have it, but I am too lazy to look at it before I pick up the phone.

I posted my 16 facts on my blog. Thanks for the fun idea!