Sunday, November 16, 2008

Caught in the Act

I love this video. Asher and Shawn both take daily naps, but not at the same time. They overlap. Here is a video where Asher was supposed to be going to sleep, but Shawn woke up and they did some brotherly bonding instead. I could hear the noises from downstairs, so I snuck up with the flip camera to see what I would find. I LOVE the way Shawn will tilt his head and look at Asher with a huge grin. And then again, when Asher gets into his bed and hides under the covers and Shawn just hangs there over the crib like he's so lonely.

One of my early worries when Shawn was born....(we didn't know he had Down syndrome until his was 1 day old).....I worried that he wouldn't emotionally connect. I worried that he wouldn't be active, wouldn't show emotion, or wouldn't bond with his brothers. How wrong I was to waste even 1 second on those worries. Enjoy...


Sarah said...

I love seeing them laughing together!

I worried that my two wouldn't bond because they are nine years apart, but they are great buddies, too. Allyson absolutely adores her big brother, and he loves to make her laugh.

Thanks for sharing your sweet boys with us.

Melissa said...

they are clearly very connected----and you have a sweet little accent don't you? :)