Friday, July 18, 2008

What makes your heart race?

Right now, numerous people from my church are over in the Dominican Rebublic on a mission trip. My pastor, Pete Wilson, has developed a great friendship with a Haitian pastor in the DR and for a few years now, Crosspoint Community Church (my church) has been dedicated to building a church in the DR and a feeding center, in one of its poorest areas, where most of these families actually live in a "hole" which is more polite than calling it a waste dump. I have not been there. Volunteers from our church go at least 2 times per year, but I think that might be know how that goes? Currently, they are keeping a live blog and the few clips I have seen have really blown me away. They are in 100+ degree heat. They are working for extremely long hours, doing hard labor, with minimal resources (nothing high tech), and they have to eat the same things over and over. They sleep in concrete dorms on bunks with no a/c. It smells.

After they finish the hard labor portion of building the church structure, they will do VBS for the kids....the kids who are lucky to eat one meal a day. The kids who desperately need this feeding center. I have goose bumps as I type.....because about 20 feet from me right at this moment are 2 plump little boys who can eat all day long if they choose. And they have variety.....shall it be yogurt, cheese, meat, pasta, veggie, cupcake, milk, juice, or fresh cold water? Our home is a cool 72 degrees, with amenities like a washer/dryer, dishwasher, bathtubs, showers, clothes, toys, blankets, carpet, tv and computer.

This makes my heart race. I'm truly spoiled, as are my children. Do you ever feel like there is so little that you can do? It feels kinda hopeless.....especially when you can't write a fat check......but I want to dig in and get dirty for the benefit of other, less fortunate people. I want to serve hungry children.

What makes your heart race?

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Anonymous said...

Hungry, poor children definitely pull at my heart-strings. It's hard to imagine what their lives are like day to day and how very blessed we are in comparison.

It's not even comparable, but neglected or homeless animals also pull at my heart-strings.

If I had a bigger home and lots of $$, it would be full of kids and animals! Oh wait, it already even FULLER house of kids and animals!!