Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Updates and Prayer Request

Hello to all my friends, family, and fellow bloggers. I know there are many many of you who read (thank you), and I learn about more and more of you all the time. In the past 2 weeks, I've been contacted via phone or email by confessed "blog stalkers"! I love that! It doesn't bother me at all that most of you don't leave comments. I can totally relate because there are several blogs that I like to read where I never leave comments. It's all good. I'm just glad that you stop by, ever, and that you feel like you're getting to know me, or know me better. That's kinda what this is all about.

Oh, and I just really like to write out my thoughts. I always have. I have tons of journals that probably need burning. And in honesty, I've recently been asked....why do you write about such personal stuff? Well, to answer is really because I don't mind sharing. It is sort of therapeutic for me. You don't really have to understand or agree, but you are welcome to read if that is something you choose to do. Believe me, there is plenty (P L E N T Y) that I don't say, because I do not really want to dishonor anyone. And I can keep secrets........unless you have a disease.....don't tell me you have a sickness if you don't want me to tell....cuz that one eats me up inside. Where am I going with all of this? Where was I? Oh.....I wasn't making a point at .....back to that....

I write because it frees me in a way. And truly, knowing that I might be criticized, scrutinized, judged or even made fun of, just makes me be more true to me. I have 3 goals here on this blog. One is to share the love of a person with Down syndrome, through sharing my stories of sweet Shawn. Another is to just express my joy in motherhood and all the richness and blessings that brings to my spirit. Last and most importantly, I believe that my faith in God through Jesus is not to be kept quiet. I have known for a long time that Christians are to be the light of this world in showing that Jesus is the light in an otherwise dark world. I can't shine if I don't since my blog is my blog, and I can write what I want, I'll write about hopes that someone might someday become so curious and so drawn to Him, and that this online journal might help someone make that decision. So please, continue to come here......openly or in a stalking manner....I don't mind at all. I'm just here.

As for the update and prayer request part in the title.....wanted to let you all know that Shawn is now 18 months old. I cannot believe this little booger has been in my home for 18 months. I remember him tiny, taking little naps on the sofa with no fear of rolling off. I remember studying his face, his body, his crease in his hand, his almond shaped eyes, his short legs and arms, his flat head, his straight hair, and wondering......will he be okay? will he walk? will he speak? will he be happy? will he die young? will he die young? will he die young? I can answer most of these questions now. He will walk....because he is already taking steps and he's doing so well. He is okay everyday. He is happy times a bazillion. He is healthy today and has a life expectancy into his 60's. The prayer request concerns Shawn's heart. We go back to the cardiologist on 7/25 for an echocardiogram. This test, we hope will reveal that the tiny hole (ASD) in Shawn's heart has closed up entirely, or at a minimum, gotten smaller. If the hole is the same size as it was 7 months ago, the cardiologist will have to repair it. Of course, we'd prefer Shawn not have to undergo any surgery. I definitely plan to post the results of Shawn's tests by the end of the day on 7/ please remember to check in that day. Also please feel free to leave your prayers in the comments....I will save them for Shawn to see someday, and I know that will bless him greatly.

My only update regarding Asher is that he is simply delicious. He has learned how to give butterfly kisses and eskimo kisses, so we're really making out these days!

Some of you have asked me in emails about Spencer recently. I have only seen him once in the past 5 weeks and it was so wonderful. He and I are good. He, on the other hand, is still needing some encouragement and hope. His car was totalled in the little fender bender he had and is currently without a car. That is probably the primary reason I haven't seen him.....(funny how God can force some distance). School will start the beginning of August and I suspect things will turn around a little then. Spencers' girlfriend, Dana, will be moving to Knoxville for the fall semester and that is likely to kill both of them. They are the best of friends and are not used to spending such time that will be a major adjustment that I am sure neither of them are looking forward to. I love Dana, and the thought of her departure makes me sad too.

Ok, enough is enough. I just wanted to get this out. I'm wishing all of you (even the stalkers who haven't confessed) blessings, love, peace, hope, joy and chocolate!


DEb said...

Awww... Melissa, I'll be praying for little Sean....I'll be on your post 7/25!!

PS: MUST I fill this info out every time I want to post???????

Eve Annunziato said...

Thanks for sharing EVERYTHING! I love your transparency, your heart and your sweet spirit - your posts are a true blessing. And, I always love to read your comments, on our blogs, too. They make me smile!

I'll be checking and looking out for Sean's results.

Give those sweet boys a big hug from me!

Melissa Irwin said...

I love that my 2 comments so far have spelled SHAWN's name wrong. It is indeed S H A W N , not sean. Other than that....I absolutely LOVE DEB and a majorly huge love kinda way, so I'm forgiving them!

pollyh said...

You can quit feeling eaten up. He knows but he didn't hear it from me. There seems to be a male who speaks before he thinks. Love u girl!

Jenn said...

I will be praying for SHAWN!!! ;-) I know every trip to the cardiologist is nerve wracking. I pray that God will orchestrate everything to progress as He has planned!

Holly Black said...

Shawn, God made your little heart and He knows how it needs to be healed. May your parents rest in knowing that you are covered in prayer. I will pray daily for your healing. Watching your videos on your Mommy's blog always brings a smile to my face. You are such a precious gift to this world.