Sunday, July 20, 2008


I am always awake in the mornings when Asher wakes. Joe is usually at work (4am).
But I always pretend to be asleep when Asher comes to my bedroom...because it is fun to see how he is going to choose to wake me up. Lately one of his favorite methods is to get in my face and say "cockadoodledoo". Sometimes loud..and sometimes soft. Sometimes, I respond by saying "rock'a'noodle'loo" just to get a laugh out of him.

This morning I didn't wait for Asher. I just got up and got busy with my morning. When he woke up he came downstairs, climbed in my lap and said "mommy, i really wanted to crawl in bed with you this morning and say rock'a'noodle". Oh, what a cute and sweet boy.

Shawn still sleeps in the crib...but I eagerly anticipate the day he can get out of bed and come to wake me up with his own creative methods. That will be a sweet day indeed.

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