Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just Horsin'Round

I plan to peel back 2 more soon as I figure out how to articulate them. All this introspective excavation (how do ya like dem big words?)... made me in need of a little light hearted play time. Imagine that! My friend Pam has horses, one of which I'll be taking care of a little when she goes on vacation in a few weeks. I took some video while at her place a couple of days ago. It is very short. I am just in awe of the beauty of a horse when it is freely I'm happy to have captured some of that here. It's only 1 enjoy.

Oh, and yes, this horse is lovingly called "Goober" you are hearing that correctly. And further.....I am aware that I have an obnoxious laugh. I just cannot change that. : )


Anonymous said...

A horse called "Goober" should make you laugh. And you have an infectious laugh, not an obnoxious laugh. Much better, huh? REALLY gorgeous horse. I think that's cool that you're going to take care of him. That would be Bailey's DREAM!

Pete Wilson said...

I love Pam and her horses!