Monday, July 7, 2008

Mask #1

Today my pastor posted a great and thought-provoking blog. You can read it here. It's all about the masks we wear to hide something about ourselves that we are afraid will either offend someone else, or worse....cause someone to find us as unacceptable. The goal is to be real, genuine, and authentic....especially those of us who desire to have constant fellowship with Christ, have Him dwell within us, and have His light shine through us to those who do not yet know Him.

I know that religion can be a highly controversial topic in this world today. Many many people who are not Christians, don't know what to think about us. There are so many professed Christians who are not really leading by example, and this creates massive confusion to others. I really want to be genuine. I don't want to be hiding behind any masks.....although like most, I do.

What if we started peeling away the mask and revealing the truths of who we are as people? What if I were really upfront about why I love the Lord? And what if I were even willing to share that love with you, not knowing how that will make you feel?

Maybe I'll begin to discover my masks and peel them back for you. Can you handle it?

Let's test this out.....

Mask #1
Marriage woes!
There, I said it. Joe and I have been married almost 7 years and we're dull. He reads my blog, so he'll love this exposure....but's his mask too. The good news is we are dedicated to fighting the funk. We believe that our faith in Christ together is enough validation to know that I'm "the one" and he's " the one", but yuk yuk fooey fooey, we don't live blissfully.
Why would I tell you this? Peeling back this mask can allow you to see me as a real human woman, with real issues and imperfections. But you can know that when the funk is over, all glory be to God for keeping us strong, and desiring to be better.

What do I mean? Joe says things....I roll my eyes. Joe makes a tiny mistake..I point it out. Joe doesn't ask me for help....I don't offer. I have stories to tell and demand his attention. I'm not going to tell you what Joe does that hacks me off.....because that really would be disrespectful....but I just exposed myself.

Do you still like me? It's a tough call.......

Stay tuned....I bettin I'll reveal more masks.


pollyh said...

Peel 'em away girl! I will love you anyhow. And don't laugh as we peel mine.

DEb said...

I'll still love you, will you still love me? WE all have them...and I'm so proud to let God take my life and work with it as He may.... yes, He will get all the glory, won't he Melissa!! LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!

Tam said...

i dont like you at all.

but i love you. truthfully!

and i respect you for being so vulnerable here. thank you.

my peeling? not putting Him first. i struggle with self and flesh way too much!

Anonymous said...

I wear the same mask, Melissa. We have been married 5 years, most of which has had some kind of stress, drama, turmoil, etc. It's hard to be that honest, I know, I struggle with it daily. But like you, I want to be "real" and have many other masks to deal with. My realization, as of late, is that I really don't care as much as I used to. People who don't know me can judge me all they want. I know where my Eternity will be!

Melissa Irwin said...

@pollyh, nothing you peel away is gonna make me laugh....cry maybe, but not laugh. LOL

@deb, u r most lovable, so of course, yes!

@tam, self and flesh, flesh and self, oh i am so familiar. holy moly.... u r a beauty tam, truly. i'm loving getting to know u through ur blog. i love u..truthfully!

Tam said...

ok. you've gone and made my eyes leak.


Melissa said...

I think we're twins in more than one way. This was refreshing and encouraging. I'm too chicken to take my mask off...

The Ridings' said...

Thank you for being so honest!! In "church circles" where we should be free to share our struggles it's more often a place to just polish our masks and maybe add a jewel or two, you know the more sparkle the better?!? My husband and I go back and fourth weekly about where we stand. And most days I feel like I have nowhere to turn for any kind of support (this is one of my more less-spiritual moments) and just need to cry/vent and eat tons of chocolate and have someone say they understand. Please keep being real, and don't for one moment doubt that there aren't others out there wishing we could be as bold as you!!!
Sunnyvale, CA