Friday, December 26, 2008

Yo Yo Yo - God Squad

Needing a smile I have spent a little bit of each day since I returned home, crying because I feel so helpless in this Zim orphanage, hunger and poverty situation. In fact.....this Christmas was difficult for me to find my joy......although I do sincerely and deeply have joy in the Lord..... my heart is still broken from Zim.

Here is a video I'd love for you to see. It is from 2 orphanages who are actually doing pretty well. While there is always a food shortage, they are making it.....but more than anything....these homes are clean and organized, the kids are clean and have clean clothes, they speak pretty good English, and they are learning academics there at a home school. These kids were gorgeous, gracious and full of hope. Their house mother is madly in love with Jesus, and in spending any time there at these 2 homes, you learn quickly that all of the kids have put their hope and faith in Him. I got to return to one of these homes and spend some amazing time with the older girls....which I have already posted about.

So, watch and enjoy the video....I don't know what this song means, but these children at both homes greeted us with the same song and dance. Let it bless you!!!!!

p.s. the guy dancing wearing a blue "God Squad" shirt is named Boss...... he rocked on many levels. I really enjoyed getting to know him. And p.s.s.. I forgot to tell you some of these kids are HIV/AIDS positive...but many of them are getting the proper meds for now.


Ally said...

I'm so glad these children trust in the Lord. How wonderful that their house mother can share the very best gift with them despite financial limitations.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had their joy all of the time (and their dance skills). This is amazing and very inspirational!!

I can't imagine how your life has changed. What a sobering experience and beautiful at the same time.

Oh, and your blog "face-lift" is fab!!!!!

Tam said...

ok. still cryin. only i have a bit of a smile with these tears.

i want dance lessens from Boss!

Sarah said...

What amazing dancers! And what joy they seem to have. This made my heart happy.