Saturday, December 20, 2008


This boy in the top center......I would have brought him home if I could have. I loved on him for 4-5 days. I never understood his name. The boy on top right in the one found a few days before my arrival on the side of the road resting next to his dead mother. His new name is "Knowledge".

These older girls above are the ones who asked me many questions about God, Jesus, prayer, life, etc. They prayed for me and I cannot describe my time with them. From left to right......the first girl came late because she has HIV and was at the clinic, so I do not know her name. The 2nd girl is sweet Emily, then both girls in front of me are named "Precious", the next girl is Nyradzu, and the last girl in red t-shirt is Deborah. They are amazing girls....and yes, they too are orphans.

This boy to the left has a name that sounds like "Tin-tone-in". He was the saddest and skinniest boy I have ever seen. He was rescued from the wild, but his siblings were not. He is worried about that. He does not speak English. He is the one who would come and either sit or stand next to me and put one arm around me, prompting me for hugs and kisses. This photo is a rare smile. I am also pictured with him above.

I have many more photos and many stories.....but for now just wanted you to see some of the faces that blessed me.


Sarah said...

They are beautiful, Melissa. Mother Teresa used to always say that seeing the faces of the poor ("the least of these") is literally seeing Jesus' face. Looking at these pictures, I think that must be true. said...

So glad you are home safely! Can't wait to hear more!

Melissa said...

YOU'RE HOME!! I'm so glad.....even across the country, I've missed you, if I can say that without sounding like a fool. :)

The pics are breathtaking---I teared up as I looked at them, thinking that you will probably never know the impact you had on their lives and their eternities...I'm guessing their impact on you is just as profound.

I will email you soon.

Tracy said...

Oh those beautiful faces....each with a story so much older than they are!....they are the face of Jesus...I'd love to hear all about your trip! :)

brandiandboys said...

i have loved reading your updates! so proud of you and your journey! what a beautiful story you have told.

i'm sure you're happy to be home and loving on your boys. and your amazing husband rocked the staff/board/elder christmas party once again... he's pretty impressive!! ;)

Tam said...

why do i lose emails?

im barely getting here.

how did you do it? how did you not bring them home with you?

im just speechless.

Kevin Green said...

Hello Melissa, I'm glad to see you've found your calling.It's wonderful to see Christ working through you. Your an inspiration. GOD bless you and continue to be with you and your family. May GOD also place a special BLESSING on the kids in Zimbabwe.