Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i have been away from any internet connection for a while.....and it doesn't feel good
i have finally updated emails today......and am caught up reading the daily accounts of life at my home while i am away. shawn, asher and joe have been sick. but things are looking up for them now it seems.

here......what to tell you

we rarely have electricity, but i am getting used to doing most things by candlelight at night, and it is quite nice. no tv.....wow.......tis a good thing. but i have no idea is barack obama has a dog yet, and so some things i'll wait to learn.

speaking of barack obama.....i went to a church service here on sunday and the preacher was talking about raising money for certain initiatives regarding some starving villages....he literally referred to u.s. money as "obama dollars".....wow.......what a perspective. they love barack....the kenya connection. nice.

one thing i love about being here and being the only american in my group is the barage of questions. what is your staple food.......peanut butter for sure.

the kids.............i know you want to hear about them.........yesterday i spent the morning at an orphanage with kids around 13 - 17, about 1/2 girls 1/2 boys. i had the most amazing experience of my life speaking with the girls. they asked me tons of questions, mostly about jesus........and all i can really tell you is that the spirit was involved majorly and i spoke from my heart and God truly blessed me with fair and understandable words. then we prayed....i for them....them for me. i love those girls. emily, precious #1, precious #2, deborah, nyradzu, and some others whose names i cannot remember at the moment. i took a photo with them and plan to keep it visible. they wanted to know how to show God that you love him. they wanted to understand how Satan works. it will be one of my most memorable times here.

the boys.............the older boys especially are so incredibly darling and respectful. i have received more hugs than i can ever count. they are tender and wise and precious, truly. one of my favorites so far, his name is Boss. he is a character for sure. i have video of him dancing. the music they sing is just heavenly. i'll post video after i get home.

the landscape here is quite beautiful. i have taken many photos.

my time on this computer is counting down. i may not get to be on the computer again. i am scheduled to land on friday at 9am in the morning....but who knows. amercian soil will smell nice.

thank you for reading.





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