Saturday, July 10, 2010

We're Back from Over Yonder

My boys behaved like old, long road trip traveling pros.

The ate food out of other peoples fridges, like pros.

The pee'd in other peoples potty's, like pros.

They fought over other kiddo's toys, like pros.

The watched cartoons on other people's tv's, like pros.

They fell off of other peoples beds, like pros.

They whined about other peoples vegetables, like pros.

I cannot believe that we just spent 10 days traveling to 3 major cities, by car, in the sun, and even at one point in flood waters. We saw fireworks. We stayed up super late. We stayed in 2 hotels, 3 houses and played in 4 playrooms. We had the most fantabulous time. My children completely blew me away at how adaptable they are.

It really is true. Your house is not your home. Your home is where your family is. And we were all over the place. Well, all over Texas, but you know, I think Texas is bigger than Zimbabwe.

Speaking of Zim - my flight is booked. I'm going on Aug 5 and still need to raise tons of funds. Please contact me if you can help support this mission trip.

Later, y'all!

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