Monday, July 26, 2010

A Change is Gonna Come

In a few weeks, my life will be radically different than it is today. That might seem like an overblown statement when I tell you why, but I can tell you it isn't overblown at all.

For 5 1/2 years I have been "mommy" again. Apparently Joe and I responded right on time to God's calling for us to be parents. Asher was and is the most delightful joy in my heart, beyond adequate words to describe. His baby brother (now 3 1/2) is the cherry on top of the cherry on top of the cherry on top of the icing on the cake. Spencer - he's the cake.

Spencer is currently apartment hunting. He has no furniture, no eating utensils, no towels, no dishes. But he will soon have an apartment. And as if that isn't radical enough....for the first time in 5 1/2 years, Asher will be in school full-time and Shawnie will be in school almost full-time. Instead of 1 full day and 4 half days, Shawn will go to school 3 full days and 2 half days.

Soon, I will have THREE "free days" instead of only one. Days where I can actually clean my house, be less stressed about the work I have to complete, plan menus, paint rooms, take stuff to goodwill, work in my flower garden, read, write, make lunch plans, exercise....and perhaps even take a few naps here and there.

I head toward this time with mixed emotions. It is overwhelming but exciting.

If you're a mostly stay-at-home mom who has experienced this before....I'd love to hear from you what you most enjoyed about this transition.


Amy said...

Oooo Melissa,

I have gone through this transition before. I have a 10 yr old, an 8 yr old and a 20 month old.

Before the youngest was born, I had a year and a half of full-time 'in school' free days. It was exquisite. I felt like a real person again. I was WAY less stressed, etc. to all the things you listed/mentioned.

And then came #3. And, he wasn't the easiest baby either. Now that he's a bit older, he's a bit easier but we're thinking about #4 so he'll have a 'buddy/playmate' as he grows up as well.

And so I fantasize about the day, 6+ years from now, that #3 AND #4 (who is yet to be created) will be in school full-time again and my days won't include picking up toys endlessly, running errands w/everyone in tow, and having a moment (or two) to have a thought deeper than where's the keys and what's for dinner? haha


Enjoy, enjoy!


Melissa Irwin said...

Amy - thank you. I am even more excited now. I just know I'm going to have a renewal of sorts with my new life. HA! And oh girl..... hurry up and have #4 while you still have energy!

I'm gonna visit your blog! :-)