Monday, July 12, 2010

Joy to the 7th Power

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Pete Ahlstrom family said...

OK, Melissa. Wonderful pictures. But who is everybody???

Speaking of pictures, Yvette's been working on getting together another collection of wild horse pictures, etc., for you.

We had a couple wonderful day drives - much shorter than yours - down to the nearest mountain to us - at least the nearest one that has that Wyoming rarity, trees. (Of course, the mountain is just over in Colorado.) Saw one moose, and a herd of 10-15 elk. Had a BEAUTIFUL drive on a little Forest Service one-bulldozer-blade-wide track that goes around two sides of the mountain, about halfway up. If we can scan a good pic or two, we'll try to tuck it in with Yvette's batch.

Praying for you and about your Zim trip every night.

Pete A.