Thursday, October 8, 2009

Want Vs. Want to Want

What I want: Lots of real estate sales and large paychecks.
What I want to want: Only the work and income that I can use to glorify God.

What I want: A gorgeous car with all the bells and whistles that is super fun to drive.
What I want to want: A safe, sensible, practical car that is not going to draw attention to me.

What I want: A one level home with a massive yard in a quiet community with not too much space, but that is aesthetically beautiful to me.
What I want to want: Whatever home, in whatever community that God can use my family to minister to our neighbors.

WIW: My friends to love and adore me.
WIWTW: My friends to love and adore Jesus.

WIW: More talents and gifts.
WIWTW: For God to use my current talents and gifts to serve Him and make others want to know Him personally.

WIW: To chase after my earthly desires, to satisfy MY flesh.
WIWTW: To chase after God alone, to satisy only Him.

**Please leave a comment, and if you are comfortable, tell me one thing you want vs. what you should want to want. Please don't be shy!


Tracy said...

Great post! Lots to ponder, here.
One thing I want: to be comfortable.
One thing I want to want: to take more risks for His Kingdom.

Pete A. said...

Hi, Melissa. First, responding to your post below: Happy birthday. 39's a very good age. My aunt celebrated her 39th for over 50 years!

And me? I tell everyone I'm 20. And get some "fun" looks in return. (I figured that working at Kennedy Space Center for a couple years should entitle me to count the way THEY do. You know, "32, 31, 30, 29, 28." With a few nice "holds" thrown in along the way.)

I think that, finally what I want, and want to want, have mostly come together. (Took a while.) Through lots of "stuff" (tough times) that God led my family and I through, we've come to care a lot about teaching people what the Bible says it means about "loving our neighbors" - and about finding ways to do it ourselves, even with very limited time and money. (Your Zimbabwe orphanage project is a wonderful example).

Best wishes,

Pete Ahlstrom

Sarah said...

What I want: To get lots of recognition for my writing (and lots of blog comments).

What I want to want: To use my writing to glorify God and minister to others--with no concern for recognition.

Sometimes I think maybe I should stop blogging because I don't want it to build a sense of pride. But then sometimes I write an entry that really speaks to someone. This is something I really struggle with.