Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A long overdue Video - Beware of Super Cuteness!

Much cuteness! I love the way Shawn earnestly speaks "no" when asked if he is ready for a nap? So cute. Did I mention, cute? Because, truthfully, "cute" doesn't even really begin to describe the situation.




DEb said...

That Asher is the SWEETEST big brother EVERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! You can just see how much little Shawn loves him!!!! This video is PAST cuteness....OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGSH!!! The cutest is when Shawn did the pig sound too...we laughed about that on the way home yesterday!!! Wish that little fella would have let me hold him....I just wanted to squeeze him silly!!!!!!!! LOVE ur babies!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

I love the way he says Melmo! They are both unbelievably cute. Thanks for sharing.