Friday, October 30, 2009


A lot of reality setting in about how much suffering there is in the world. I am one of those people who painfully realizes that there is a crisis every minute of everyday happening somewhere. Sometimes we are only made aware on the evening news. Sometimes it is closer to home.

Yesterday I received an email from a friend that said simply this, "I hurt, please pray." Those four words crushed my heart because I know that she normally has more words than that. The fact that she didn't have more strength or soul to type more than that makes me wonder if she was sobbing at the computer keyboard. Is she feeling hopeless? I prayed for her twice after that, and again today. Crisis. Pain. If it isn't your turn today, it will be soon enough.

Today I receieved a text message from another dear friend. I'll leave out names, but the text said this "I am at the hospital with my sister in law. She is 26 weeks pregnant and the baby died. They are inducing labor. It's horrible. Prayers solicited." I was driving when I received that text. My heart sank. Same day. Different crisis. This one entitled, "tragic sudden loss". How on earth does the world continue to spin when such tragic losses are taking place? It numbs me.

This past week, dear friends of mine are vacationing in Hawaii. The husband had a serious accident in the ocean. Instead of flying home, they are in the hospital in Hawaii as the husband recovers from surgery involving his back and neck. They don't even know yet when they can come home. They are still not totally sure about permanent damage, etc. Vacation - crisis.

There is so much more to life than packing for Zimbabwe, Halloween parties, my new crock pot and the piece of furniture in my garage that I am refinishing. I stated earlier this week that I feel light and that I can carry some weight, some burden. I'm thankful for the requests I have received and have already prayed for all of you. What amazes me....the 3 stories I shared above are from people who didn't even know I was lighter.


DEb said...

This made me so sad....yet, somehow, you're spin on it w/God makes it ALL DIFFERENT.. hopeful!! LOVE YOU GIRL!!

Linda said...

Yes, these are sad situations. I will say a prayer right now for these people in your life.

It does help to lighten the load when we bear one another's burdens.

In His love,
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

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Pete/Yvonne Ahlstrom said...

You're right, Melissa. The 6 years we had to live in a tent trailer taught us a lot of lessons on exactly that, and changed our whole outlook. Made us a lot more aware of how much hurt is out there even among neighbors we assume are doing fine - and emphasized how strongly God wants us to help those people as much as we'd help Jesus if we saw him in the same situation. (That's a tough test to pass consistently, but we do try.)

So you'll be leaving for Zimbabwe in just a few days? We'll be praying for you! With some things that will be going on in our own lives here, we may or may not be able to follow you day by day, but in any case we'll pray for you. May you have a memorable, blessed, and safe trip!