Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Carry You, Carry Me

I'm willing to carry some extra weight....some burden, if you will. I love to talk to the Lord. I just do. My best conversations with Him take place in my car, taking in the most beautiful scenery. He leads me to thoughts, convictions and revelations that He wouldn't if I didn't just take the time to talk to Him.

Weaving in and out of winding roads, praising out loud, somehow manages to straighten my path. I adore that time. It is precious to me.

I feel light after another successful real estate closing today. I feel light and safe in the travels I have ahead. I feel light in some of the decisions around me that need to be made. I don't feel like every single weight in my life has been lifted, but I somehow feel light enough to carry you...if you need carried.

Please feel free to leave me a comment here or send me a direct email and let me know if you have some heaviness I can help you lift up to the Lord in prayer. And please don't hesitate...I might need y'all to carry me someday.

Love and prayers,

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Pete A. said...

Hi Melissa,

Your blog reminded me of a Christian couple who "rescued" my daughter Yvette and I a year or two ago. We'd been heading out into the country here for some walking and rockhounding, and had car trouble. This was closer to town than usual, but still about 15 miles from the nearest phone, and also well out of any cell phone service area, even if we'd had one. Fortunately, we were along a main road, pulled off at a scenic overlook called "Firehole Canyon" (it's gorgeous, all kinds of layered red, white, pink and purple rock), so when this couple we'd met came along, they stopped to help us, and actually took us home.

But this couple wasn't just out for a drive. They told us their habit was to pick a beautiful, quiet, secluded spot somewhere out in the country, drive there, and hold their daily devotions there. They're the only people we've ever met who do that. I thought it was a very neat idea. And your blog reminded me of it.

What can you help us carry? Right now we're getting ready to step out on faith to follow the Lord to a new place (we don't even know exactly where), and to start ministering for Him there. If you wouldn't mind praying for Him to open the doors and keep leading us in that, we'd surely appreciate it.

Thanks again. Keep up the good writing. Like it very much - Pete A.0