Saturday, August 15, 2009

If I Had a Dime for Every Rhyme

....I'd have a little deposit in my piggy bank today.

(disclaimer....i'm not a poet)....but this is dedicated to all the women at the retreat this past weekend!

SWEET ESTROGEN (or whatever)

women of mont on the hill, I digest you like a little pill and receive you in my heart

because the more i see of you in me, the women we are meant to be are not so far apart

i hurt that in this world of sin, the babylon we're living in, our suffering exists

cuz some men are HOT, but some men are not, just more like painful cysts

i cherish every piece of you that broke and fell despaired

for every painful truth you told, when tears and snot were shared

in a room that ached to comfort you and lift you to His sky

from circled chairs to streets of gold, held in the arms of Christ

then the rooms were filled with howls and love and sweet umbrella chat

(those belly jingles too)

i take away the scoop on poop, and herbs for this or that

but mostly that my heart was blessed to meet each one of you

so don't forget that God made you and YA'LL's a royal noun

just like you are, you are a queen, preparing for your crown

may love walk with you every day and night and in your sleep

until we meet again for chocolate and estrogen retreat


Marcia said...

I thought I was DONE cryin' for the weekend, but your poem just made me tear up AGAIN!! ... and in a GOOD way!! Thanks Melissa... you're precious!

Vicky said...

Thank you Melissa, you are a wonderful warm hearted person and I am honored to get to call you friend. Your life story is remarkable and it reveals how we as women are a like in many ways even though our stories may be different, we still share the same emotions that can entangle as well as free us in each chapter of our lives. It is great being a woman but more so, it great having other women walking a long side us.

Tracy said...

oh i wish i could have been there! i know God showed up powerfully through you!! :)))

"Lolli" said...

My sweet, precious, friend and sister-in-Christ:

Thank-you for the reminder of an awesome weekend in the little poem! It's awesome and sums it up well.

more importantly, thank-you for your transparency this weekend, for taking the risk of baring your soul to allow us the comfort and freedom to open up and do the same, and for being especially available to one broken like me. I cherish every word you spoke; i cherish those you DIDN'T speak, and I cherish your wisdom way more than you can ever imagine.

i love you so much,


Debi Jones said...

Thanks Melissa! This is great! I had a wonderful time with all you wonderful ladies!!!

Cindy said...

Thank you Melissa! This is awesome and you are awesome. Your love for Christ is inspiring and your ability to be "naked" is amazing and encouraging. I have so often battled forgiveness of myself from my past. It's an amazing feeling to leave that behind and recognize that I'm still beautiful in God's eyes and forgiven. Thank you for that reminder and for opening yourself to us to glorify Him.

Sarah said...

Wish I could have been there!

Thank you for your prayers today for Aidan's mother Regi.

Also, I'm excited that you'll be doing the Esther study! It's going to be wonderful! I hope I didn't ruin it for you by posting all those entries about the study. And I hope to read some posts with YOUR perspective on the study.

Anonymous said...

This is great!

Thanks so much for sharing this last weekend. I cried and laughed so hard and I found a new kind of healing.

The community of women is amazing!