Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Boys - a simple and sappy update

I realize I haven't done a real straight-forward update on my sweet kiddos in a while. So...get prepared for no poetry, no spiritual insight, and no deep confessions....this is purely a simple and sappy update on my boys.

Spencer has been around a little more lately....loving on his little brothers and sharing with me some of the not so wonderful experiences he is having in his 20 year young life. The beauty in this for me is that he shares at all. The bottom line is there are things to work through and lessons to be learned, and potentially some damage control....but you know what....I LOVE my boy and I'm not afraid to say the hard things, and then love him more than ever. I cannot believe I had him when I was 18 and he is now 20. Quick mathmatical equation....yes, I'm 38. 3 months Asher will be 5 years old. WOW! We had plans and hopes and prayers for Asher to be accepted into our local puplic pre-K. He did get accepted...but for the life of me, that didn't excite me at all. I felt conflicted but couldn't really figure out why. Public pre-K is not much different than Kindergarten in that attendance is required everyday...there are not flexibilities in dropping off early or picking up late....etc. Asher would have been committed to going to school every M-F from 8:30 - 2:30. I just couldn't rest with that. Joe works weekends and gets 2 weekdays off, and we have enjoyed having the right to have the boys home on one of Joe's day off for "Daddy day". We were not ready to forfeit that. I believe that God works in very creative ways.....I took the boys swimming one afternoon and ran into an old co-worker/friend of mine....and long story short....she mentioned a 3-day accredited Christian Pre-K that she sends her kids to. They happened to have a slot open for a 4 year old... we visited and did the whole bit. I have another friend who sends her daughter there.....and well, we signed on. Asher will go M,W,F from September to May....and not sacrifice Daddy day. Also, there is a 1/2 day option which costs less and works perfectly with Shawn's schedule....and so there you have it. of the best parts is that I know one of Asher's assistant teachers and I just feel like we have landed absolutely in the perfect place, compliments of God. I LOVE how HE works things out for good.

In sappier news, I am in love with Asher Tate. Lately we've been having some special mommy/Asher time whenever we can...and we have so much fun. He always tells me at the end of our activity...."mommy, you know what my favorite part was?" (what honey?) "YOU".... ok, melt my heart! I love being his favorite part. I relish it and savor it and oh my word I could eat him up!

Shawn has moved up to a new classroom at his school and the transitiong seems to be going just fine. (Yes, we keep him home for Daddy day). Shawn is learning how to maneuver our stairs at home. He could already crawl up and creep down...but now he is walking up by holding one hand on the railings and doing the same to come down, although down is slower. I am AMAZED by this, and I choke up regularly. The most fantastic thing happening with him lately is he simply tries to say everything. I still feel that his speech is a long way from being clear, and he does receive speech therapy weekly....but some things are falling into place. He can finally say "momma" and "nana".....words we have been encouraging for a LONG time. He can say Elmo but is sounds like "melmo" without an "l". He loves Bert and Ernie and he can say "ernie" but it sounds like "eye-nie".....but HECK....the boy is putting 2 syllables together and it is making sense. He can say "Barney" too. He simply tries to repeat everything and it is comical....but such sweet jumbled noise. Sure, the milestones are slower to come but the celebrations are bigger and lovlier and I just couldn't be more proud of him and in love with him.

Shawn has a greatly increased behavior lately also.....normally when his sippy cup is empty, he likes to throw it on the floor in a fit of disappointment and throw a little (10 second) tantrum...possibly involving throwing himself on the floor as well. In this past week....when Shawn's cup is empty....he walks over to me, grabs my hand to open it up, and simply places the cup in my hand, and gives me a precious look like, "mommy don't you want to replenish this for me?"..... This, of course, is a blessed transformation..... I had nothing to do with it.

Shawn transitioned into the big boy bed without incident. I usually snuggle with him in his bed for a few minutes, most nights...and it is precious. He sucks his thumb and strokes my hair. We giggle and talk about farm animals with some moo's and some neigh's thrown in for fun. He tells me "nigh nigh" and I disappear. It is too stinkin sweet!

So there...for those of you who share a little blood and/or love with my you have the the 411.

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Sarah said...

I love sappy! My favorite part was Shawn stroking your hair.