Thursday, August 20, 2009

Here Am I

It is a melody that sends chills across my body...and to hear it sung in a large group for me is so powerful and moving. I wonder, how can anyone hear this words or sing along to them, and not be moved? They'd have to be numb. Numb is sad. This song heightens the hope in me that I can be used by God to serve out His big or small ways.

I'm a sing-around-the-house kinda girl. Always have been. My perfermances used to involve a wooden spoon for a microphone...yes, I was that girl. Now my performances are geared to my God with my hands raised in the air to Him. I think if I stretch out real far in reaching for Him, He'll pour a little more of His spirit to me, or He'll reach down and grab my hand, kiss it, and just remind me He is always there with me. Emmanuel = "God with us".

Sometimes I sing this song and just end up weeping. Good a safe surrender into the hands of the one who wants to carry me. But I know that I am in this world and on the earth....not quite in Heaven yet. I'm not just supposed to float. I'm supposed to dive in and love on people who don't feel loved, and offer up His hope like a life vest for the ultimate rescue.

I love this song. I'd love if you would listen to it and soak it in. I believe you'll want to give Jesus all of your life, all for Him....and that you'll cherish every last moment.

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ocdism said...

awwwww.... i love it