Saturday, June 19, 2010

under water

This boy is learning how to swim. I'm so thankful that after just 2 lessons his confidence was way up. By the 4th lesson he was jumping in with joy and showed marked improvement in his swim technique.....though still far from perfect. Today was lesson 7. Today I saw evidence of strength and maturity in this 5 year old. Whether under water with breath held, or on top of the water with a light and floaty drift......he is learning how to maneuver. He is learning that this swimming gig requires confidence, faith, strength and maturity. I hope he continues to learn this in each and every one of life's lessons.


Sarah said...

Yay, Asher! Allyson starts swimming lessons tomorrow, and I hope she takes to it as well.

Childcarecoordinator said...

Just started following you and wanted to comment on this adorable picture. I love close ups to bring out kids adorable features- his big blue eyes!