Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Living in the Yesterdays

I normally don't condone living in the "yesterdays" of life. We've screwed up too much for that to be an enjoyable way to live. That is why phrases like "fly by the seat of your pants" and "live in the moment" have become so powerful. It's typically better to look ahead than to look back.

But yesterday is important.

There are so many painful yesterday moments in my life, but if I hadn't lived through them, I wouldn't have the mind, the heart, the love, and the hope that I have *today*. So, I recommend taking some journeys through your yesterdays every once in a while, even if it means re-experiencing some of the pain. You will no doubt, re-experience some joys too.

Since yesterday (literally) I have been living in quite a few "yesterday" moments.

I have re-lived:
  • bumping into an old classmate (Andrea Morgan) at Johnathon's Bar & Grill while I was working there in 1996, not knowing she would die soon of cancer.
  • the last "i love you" from my Aunt Brenda before she died
  • my miscarriage in 2002
  • getting sent to the hallway during Civics with Shelley Stice in 9th grade because we were laughing too much in class
  • my first walk across Belmont University campus, to my first class, choking back the tears of joy and thankfulness
  • the first house I ever sold, on the lake in Hendersonville
  • the last ugly words my Dad spoke to me, and thus the last words
  • the precious note Spencer left me when he was 6, stating that he might have won 1,000,000 dollars from McDonalds, and if so, then we wouldn't have to worry about Mother's Day.
  • the first kiss from Joe
  • waking up in a dark and unfamiliar room realizing i had bargained with the devil, yet again
  • the day I got to meet Elizabeth Asher Bannister
  • the day I fell off of a galloping horse and shifted every bone in my body
  • digging with spoons, in the arkansas dirt, at my Mama's house
  • sleeping on the sleeping porch at my Grandma's old country house
  • hiking in Crested Butte with the hubs on his 40th birthday
  • the day Spencer told me about *eh hemmm* (can't tell you that)
  • the day Paul and I met
  • the day Paul died
  • dropping spencer off at his Dad's house for those dreaded visitations
  • the week mom and i spent in New England
  • the first orphans in Zim that I ever laid my sobbing eyes on
  • hearing "it's not you, it's me"
  • hearing "i will kill you if you don't do what i say"
  • dancing in the Senior Variety Show in 1988
  • the day the hubs lost his job
  • the day Asher was laid naked across my chest
  • the day Shawn was declared "different"
  • the first day i met my bible study girls
  • the day i moved away from my childhood neighborhood and friends
  • the day i accepted Christ
Today is today, not yesterday. But yesterday makes today a good day. All those yesterdays brought me here. "God blessed the broken road". Don't be afraid to remember yesterday.

Is there a "yesterday" you want to share?

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