Thursday, June 24, 2010


So, Asher just looks at me and says "Mommy, I want to test my attitude". I look at him with a deep interest in his proposal. I inquire. He explains to me that he is going to put his feet on the coffee table and I am going to tell him to get his feet off the table, so that we can see what kind of attitude he is going to have today. I agree, and he proceeds. "Asher, please get your feet off of the coffee table. They do not belong there." His eyes sparkle, his smile beams. He removes his feet and says "yes m'am". Success. Wow.

I should get in the habit of testing my attitude everyday. How about you?


Sarah said...

Wow! He is wise beyond his years. And so darn cute!

trooppetrie said...

I love it, I love when they catch on. when little hearts are open to obeying and doing what they know to be right with a positive attitude