Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Stream of Consciousness

I'm enjoying summer a little too much. Haven't showered in 2 days.

Ok, that's a lie. I am not enjoying summer. It is just too dang hot. But that 2 day thing, that part was true.

Asher is on day 5 of private swim lessons, and he is swimming like a fish who hasn't quite learned how to swim yet. Is there such a thing? He is really doing fabulously. And he loves it.

I am working on business business and more business. So very excited about Rodan & Fields skincare. And I'm enjoying a brief break from Real Estate. Well, I'm diving back in on Saturday....so not all that brief.

I'm on day 3 of a diet. You know. Again. But this time I am just cutting calories and I'm hoping this is the formula that works for me. Any suggestions.....I'd love 'em.

Shawnie is learning his ABC's. He Knows A, O and P. Hey....we will take what we can get from this sweet pea. He still blows my mind and rocks this world. Just.Can't.Get.Enough!

I'm doing a bible study on spiritual warfare. It is the perfect study for me right now. Amazing really.

Lastly, I'm still hoping to raise lots of funds to go back to Zimbabwe. I'd be so honored to have your help. Please email me with questions or suggestions.

SO I really want to know....do you love summer, hate summer, or are you one of those who doesn't even notice that the thick, heavy smell you sense when you walk outside is the whole worlds body odor? What is your summer like? G'head. You can tell me.

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Sarah said...

Our summer is miserable, with sticky, heavy, oppressive heat. I just try to stay inside 24/7. Not a fan!