Sunday, December 6, 2009

Zim update

Ok ok ok ok.....I have to start sharing more! I get it! (Sorry!) Many of you are filling up my email inbox with pleas and subtle hints.

I'll pick up here by telling you about a woman I have met and admire. I'm not going to share her name for now. I just really want to honor privacy as much as I can. You can understand it even with a fake name, right? So, we'll just simply call her, Miss Mother.

Miss M. to my knowledge was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She managed to make it to the United States to do her university studies. I cannot recall where she said that she studied, but I do recall it to be very well known, prestigous universities. Beyond her bachelors, she either got her Masters or PhD, or both. I cannot recall. And not sure what her majors were, but just that she went very far in her education and then she returned to Zimbabwe.

I'm not sure of her age. She is probably older than she appears. I'm guessing 50's. What she has done in Zimbabwe is remarkable. She has established several orphanages. They are grouped by ages so that all of the children are sharing homes with other kids in their same age group. Each home is an actual house in various communities. They are middle range communities, in that none of them appear to be "rural villages". Each house has a house mother and a couple of helpers. Every house appears to me to have running water, etc. They all suffer from power outages, but to the Zim natives, this is nothing they can't work around.

But, here is what is different.

Miss Mother not only provides them food, she feeds them well. She not only provides them clothing....the clothing is very nice, well cared for, clean, etc. She not only sends them to school...she STARTED a school for them that she also runs. She not only loves them, she teaches them the gospel, encouarges them daily and is preparing them for a real future in Zimbabwe...not just teaching them survival. She is teaching them that they ARE THE FUTURE of Zim.

Her next project is to start an orphange for children who are born in prisons. We spoke about this together while I was in Zim...and I am just amazed. I am amazed by what she IS doing and by what she DESIRES to do. These kids love her. They adore her. They respect her. They would do anything for her.

Miss Mother's heart is gigantic. And the most important thing about her heart is that it is filled with Jesus. She loves Him so much. She is a woman who is living her life to serve Him no matter what. She puts all of these orphans before herself. You can see by visiting these homes and talking with the kids that she is providing for them before herself, and personally she could really use some things. She has made her life about them. I saw this last year when I visited the first time.....but this year, it actually knocked me over.

She and I prayed together. When I shared with her that all of her sweet kiddos from the teen group could go to the camp in December....she cried. She has sent me an email since then with a word of prophecy for me. I do believe that this woman is annointed. And I am going to take her prophecy very seriously.

She is a special woman and I want to serve her. She is serving the children that I love, and I want to help her.

I want to raise money to help her get a truck. She needs a truck for the deliveries that she has to make to the kids on a daily basis. All of the homes are spread far apart and she cannot get everything into her car, AND her car is old and keeps breaking down. She needs a truck....but she keeps putting the kids first. You can see that the kids do not go without anything. But Miss Mother could run a more effecient ministry if she could buy a truck.

Please let me know if you want to help. I think she will have to go to South Africa to buy a truck (not sure) and she only needs a used one. I'd like to raise $6,000 and get it to her by the summer before the new orphanage opens.

Do you want to help? Do you want to involve your church? Your small group? Your bible study? Your office? Your family? Your neighborhood? Your social group? Your professional network?

I'm praying for a miracle.

Please contact me if you can help.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome lady she is...
count me in!

The Old Geezer said...

interesting blog
God Bless You

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing her inspiring story. Yes, I will contribute and invite my friends and family to help also. What are the instructions for contributing?

Tracy said...

Oh I love her!--- and all those like her! You are such a gift to her to give her a voice and a face!