Thursday, December 3, 2009


Ok.....I know I haven't posted much lately. I ran into a friend and blog-reader at a restaurant yesterday and she said something like, "did I miss the summary somehow?". Basically I think what she was trying to say is, I've left you hanging.

There are a few reasons for this, and at least one of them, I cannot go into. But, I owe you something and I'll do better.

As recently as 5 am this morning, I was vividly dreaming of Africa. My dream was not realistic to my personal experiences in Zimbabwe, but what I saw was amazing. I was in a vehicle journeying through the African landscape and everyone was outdoors carrying on their daily lives. Each wearing bright ,vibrant colors on heavy textiles, with the womens heads covered in ornate scarves. They were all happy and were all praising God. There were men beating drums and children running and laughing. It was a perfect dream that I would surely not remember at all if it were not for Shawn crying in his sleep and awakening me. I'm not thrilled that my baby is feeling under the weather, but I am blessed that the disturbance allowed me to recall my dream.

I think my dream is the Africa that God desires to see. Maybe He wanted me to see what He wants to I can understand His longing for such an underresourced continent.

I just love that place. I have only been in the southern region and I do understand that the north is vastly lifestyle, ethnicities, religion, etc. I'm not pretending to know everything about Africa.

I'm not in Africa anymore. I have been home for almost 2 weeks. Strange. It feels strange. Tomorrow is my sweet Asher Tater Tot's 5th birthday. I cannot believe he is 5. Strange. It feels strange. My sweet boy is just so precious. It isn't that I want him to never grow up, but I wish he would never grow up.

Since it is his birthday week, Asher is the special student of the week at his 3 day pre-K. He got to bring something special for show-and-tell and we also got to create a poster about his life. The template for the poster had a couple of fill in the blank questions. One area was for Asher to name 3 wishes.... and here they go (we did NOT guide him at all in this). Wish #1: to live with God and Jesus everyday. #2: to live on a farm (I'm assuming God and Jesus will live there too). Wish #3: to work in a zoo with koala's and chimpanzee's. (I'm assuming God and Jesus work at the zoo too). But for real....isn't this sweet? So far, at the age of 5, his wishes don't involve money or stunning good looks (although he's got that second one cinched). When Asher told me his wishes I had to struggle a little not to cry. I'm just so blessed and overjoyed to have a little boy who's little heart is becoming sweeter and sweeter. He could be the next sugar substitute. How awesome it would be to have little individual packets of Asher to add to my coffee?

Drastic change of topic: (Screech, spin, flip). I have finally received all of the final sponsorship matches between the kids in Zim wanting to go to the Christian camp and the sponsors here. I've been able to email everyone a photo of their child and all the kids in Zim have photos of their sponsor. There are 8 boys from one of the homes who decided to write thank you letters to their sponsors. I have received notes from about 3 or 4 of them and have forwarded them on to the sponsors....and waiting for the others. These notes are so precious. They are so tender, so deep, so thoughtful and so full of love. I'm hoping eventually....all 24 kiddos will write notes.... they are keepsakes for sure. I've cried at each one of them I have read and have felt this incredibly huge honor to be able to share with the generous people who sponsored them. My heart just fills up. What a gift they have given each other. I got to physically go there and collect the hugs, watch them dance and sing and even hear them squeal to the top of the Heavens when they heard of their gift....but the notes are so personal and so incredible. Soon I will post some pieces of the notes...but I will keep both the kids and the sponsors anonymous to honor what was intended to be personal and private...but to show you snippets of the sweetness that is flowing across the oceans, back and forth, like waves and undertow.

Speaking of Oceans, when God created the Earth, He sure did not make travel easy, huh? I wish my Zim kiddos were easier to get to. I wish they were down the street. I'm lying. I wish they were upstairs tucked quietly into bed, about to arise and share breakfast with me and then go off to school. That's what I wish.

Shawn is a talking fool. This boy is going wild with the tongue. I am so very proud (sinful I know) to announce that he knows all of his body parts. Except for what stays neatly concealed in his diaper, you name it and he can point to it. He can also say it. Here is the translation table for those of you who need a little giggle:

ear = eee-yur
eye = i
mouth = no sound but tongue hangs out
hair = ha (like hat but without a t)
arm = ammmmm
leg - le
hands = (see hair)
fingers = they wiggle
toes = tows
belly/tummy = no sound but drums on his tummy
nose = nooo

And for the record, "ammmmm" is the cutest one.

And for more records, Shawn will be 3 on New Years Eve. Impossible I know...but that's what the records say.

And my last report is work is picking up. Thankfully.

I promise to update more soon regarding Zim, the kids, Victoria Falls, etc. I also plan to have a gathering at my house where all are invited to see my photos, my handmade purchases, etc. Please let me know if you want to come to that. I think it will be mid January.

Love to all...thanks for reading and keeping up. Thanks for caring and for investing. You are so loved and so appreciated.

P.S.. I received a surprise anonymous gift in the mail yesterday. I have no idea who you are or why you did it...but thank you. I'm deeply appreciative and it was/is much needed. Praying for your blessings!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for taking the time to write an update. I loved your dream. It sounded like heaven, except in heaven we will all be there together, believers from every nation.

Your translation table for Shawn is so cute! I love the gestures mixed in.

Your boys are so precious.