Saturday, December 19, 2009

BaHumBug - I Love Jesus

Shawn loves "teh-treeeeeeee", you know with "Caca" and "Melmo". (hint: Sesame Street/Oscar/Elmo). This morning, Shawn even tried to sing the theme song to Sesame Street. He made quite a large production out of the one word I could understand..... "street". I'm not sure who or why, but I really think someone needs to give Shawnie an award. If for nothing else, just being uber cute. Lawdy...this boy. It's too much.

Shawn has also discovered "Tanta" and "memen", aka "Santa & snowmen". I love that he is really getting into the Christmas things this is so sweet. OH, and he loves the "wites", aka "lights".

In other news, Shawn has learned the word "MINE" and he says it exactly like he should... "M.I.N.E!". Oh we go.

Asher has recently disovered glitter. And tooting.

I have been channeling my inner scrooge lately. I nearly "accidentally" ran over a rude lady in the Target parking lot this week. She so deserved it....but I would prefer to spend Christmas at home than in prison. My common sense really comes in handy in times like that. In the same parking lot....I unloaded the packages into the trunk and pushed the cart to the cart corrall and was walking back to my car to drive away. There was an old man and his little old wife in their car waiting for me to pull out of my spot and he made the decision to mildly honk his horn as if to ask me to speed it up a bit. It's a good thing my common sense was working in that moment as well because he almost got a crude hand gesture from me along with a verbal "honk THIS buddy!". Instead I just gave him a long blank glare and I slowed down my strut a bit. Oh I really needed Jesus because the devil was trying hard to take over my spirit in that moment. My "bahumbug" is really getting on my nerves, by the way. Sometimes I feel like there is a sweet little angel following me around hovering above and all around me. Occasionally she floats right up to my ear and screams "GET A GRIP ON YOURSELF WOMAN! SLOW YOUR ARROGANT ASS DOWN AND FIND YOUR PEACE. IT'S IN YOU. JESUS DIDN'T TAKE IT AWAY FOR CHRIST'S SAKE". Ok, she probably didn't say "ass" and she also probably wouldn't take the name of Christ in vain. But, you get my point. But really, I'm just glad she's there.

So........Christmas is just 5 days away and I've got work to do.

Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!

God Bless You and Merry Christmas. May you be filled with the love, the hope, the peace, the JOY and the comfort of Christ! He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He IS the Savior.
And Heaven rocks.

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Sarah said...

Doesn't it just kill you when a sweet old couple is mean? Sigh...

Do people think you're just purposely being slow? Sheeze. My car broke down several weeks ago and I got stranded on the freeway. As I slowed down, down, down, I tried desperately to get to the right so I could exit. Do you think anyone had mercy on me? NO!!! They were all thinking, "Why is this stupid woman driving 20 on the freeway. Get outa my way!" I ended up parking on a sidewalk on the left lane of an overpass. Argh!!!

(Obviously, you've struck a nerve.)