Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shawn is learning Sign Language

As mentioned in a previous post, Shawn has been learning the sign language for the word "more". It's a great starting point. Shawn just started going to speach therapy once a week, and sign language is practiced in the classroom as needed. So, in this video, you will see Shawn do the sign for "more" at least twice. We were in the kitchen last night playing with a toy that he loves, a spinning toy. When it stops, he began signing "more" without being prompted. It is such a blessing that his mind is making the proper connections. We think more signs are on the way, and we'll continue to show you his progress. Oh, and FYI....Shawn is almost 21 months old and does not speak. He is loud and vocal (trust me on this), but no clear words.

OK, so the sign for more requires both hands. If you bunch up your fingers and thumb on each hand, and tap them together, you get "more", Shawn will show you. Enjoy.


DEb said...

OH MY! Seriously Melissa.... ANY video you have of Shawn is SUCH A HUGE BLESSING!!! I just LOVE that little fella! And Kyla has that pic of her and him on her ipod and it's SO CUTE!!

Also, your reply on Pete's blog (about bragging about our kids) was simply GENIUS!!

I think you're the best mama, ever!

DEb said...

Oh, and also....I love the way his little fingers are moving in the beginning of the video...on his left hand. I LOVE THAT!!

Melissa said...

He is precious...I am full of joy just watching this IS amazing!!

Whitney said...

Way to go sweet Shawn!! He's such a little doll!

The Clicks said...

That is so cool! Very exciting and what a blessing!

Sarah said...

I so enjoyed watching this video. A few days ago, I told my son Ethan about what had happened with my earlier post, and why it was hurtful.

I told him that your son has Down syndrome, and he wanted to know what that meant. I showed him the two videos you posted with Shawn's signing. We both think he is SO cute.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us and giving us the opportunity to see beautiful Shawn in his everyday life.