Monday, September 22, 2008

It's all about the BUTT

Ok, so I recently learned this trick about tracking how many people are visiting my blog, etc. No, I have no idea who you are if you do not leave a comment or flat out tell me, but I know where my referrals come from and how many people visit on a given day. It shocks me actually to see that I am visited by 9 countries...and I'm going to admit that one of them I have never even heard of. But here is why I write today......because I really need a good laugh.....but there is a way for me to research and see what "search terms" people are using, and then randomly end up on my web log.

You would not be surprised to learn that many people are researching jasper, heaven, jasper in heaven, and even just my name, etc. Many of the search terms make perfect sense. But here are the ones that have me cracking up! These are exact search terms people used and somehow ended up with my blog as an option, all of this is from Google. Get ready...

1. little boys butts
2. bam smash boom
3. being near someone makes your heart race
4. cute butts with underwear
5. round little butts
6. fleas on walls?
7. toddler prayer

Someone please tell me.....why do I attract people looking for cute little butts?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

HA HA! My search terms have been "", which is from a ringtone from India I found on youtube. Then I've had "Christina Schmidt nude", which I'm assuming they're looking for the little Canadian actress with my same name, and "how to irritate your roommate" Better "butts" than "nude" LOL