Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Am a Swing Voter

I always have been a swing voter, and I never like that about myself. Or I love it. There are times I wish I had the thing inside me that people must have, to grab onto a political party and stand strong in support of that party until their dying day. But instead, there is this thing inside me that wants to weed out the truth from the lies, tally up the good marks, and cast my vote. But even deeper still, there is this confusion over what is truth and what is lie. In recent elections, I think I have found myself voting against one candidate, moreso than truly voting FOR the other.

I will tell you, this election is no different. I'm worried about the leadership in our country. I am nervous. It is my right and my responsibility to vote, and I will. But I might be on my knees in that ballot box just praying God will let me press the right buttons. But what are the right buttons? This is the THING I have thought about for 10 years now........(please follow along if you can)..... I believe with all of my heart, that God has the plan for our worlds leaders. I truly and deeply in my soul believe that the right person (according to God's plan) will be elected president And I also truly and deeply believe that the "right" person, might very well be the "wrong" person. Why? Because I read and study the bible, and if you're doesn't end in world peace because of "us". It ends in Heaven because of Jesus, and folks, the picture between now and then is not too pretty. It's bathed in war, crime, and people turning their backs on God. It is horrific, most especially for people who do not believe. I believe in God's will.....and I believe, as with my own personal life, He will allow us to suffer periods of terrible failure and pain, to get our attention. I believe this is true for the individual, the group, the organization, and for the nation.

Who is responsible for our leadership? WE ARE! We put them in office. Who created the laws? We did. Who's policies allow for majority and delegates to not always be the same? Uh.....US. Who voted for Gore but elected Bush? Ummmm.....the Americans. God gives us a mind to think with and a heart and a soul for the rest of what makes us who we are. When we lose sight of God, we make decisions that He might not have made. We choose paths He might not have blessed. We engage in ideals that might not represent Him. So we, break it down, break it down, break it down.....and collectively, we run our lives, our businesses, schools and our government, largely without God. And He allows us these failures. If we do not fail and do not suffer, we might not recognize how much we need a savior.

I don't think it is exciting when a new President is elected. It freaks me out a little. America will get what America wants, based on the voting system (delegates, majority, whatever). Some people will vote in support of their firm association with a political party. Some people will vote based on one single might be pro-choice vs. pro-life. Some people, sad but true, will vote against a race or for a race (for the first time in history of the Presidential election). Now, some might vote for or against a gender issue, because of Ms. Palin. Some will oddly vote for the candidate they are most physically attracted to (and you KNOW this is true!). I wonder how many people will just pray to be led between now and election date, to the core truths of the candidates and their plans, and actually weigh out the differences, and even ask God to give us a leader who will make only a few small mistakes for a long time? I wonder who will pray that our next elected leaders be a blessing to the nation and to the world.

I'm still swinging. I am feeling no convictions one way or the other. I did listen to Ms. Palin speak at the convention last night and I was riveted. I believe regardless of the results of the election, that that woman has something incredibly special inside of her. This moment I admire her, for her willingness to air the dirty laundry, and to fiercly seek change in support of what she believes.

I will be praying, sincerely, for our nation to seek God more than seek a President, and then maybe God will allow us a good one. I'm swingin' and prayin'.


Power Up Love said...

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Melissa said...

this is a great post, Melissa. I always feel a bit intimidated about politics. I take voting seriously, but I'm always a bit confused about what the "issues" are and if the candidates are even really capable of delivering what they promise.

I watched Palin also, and I thought she had a lot of substance. I like that she is very "real" and is in the midst of actual challenges that many other people are dealing with. I admire her for being transparent...I cannot imagine how it must feel to allow people to intrude and make judgement upon your life so publicly.

But I am still not sure either.

Lorri said...

I'm curious if the past few weeks have made an impression on you one way or another? Whomever inherits the mess we're in isn't going to have quick fixes for anything. The McCain/Palin ticket scares me. A.LOT.

Melissa Irwin said...

@lorri - do I know you by any chance?

Anyway, yes the past few weeks have made several impressions on me. I feel a bit more comfortable with Obama today, but I'll be glued to the remaining debates and the news, just trying to learn and process all that I can before I cast my vote.

Sarah said...

I feel the same way. How can we know who will deliver on their promises? Is it even possible for them to keep their promises?

I, too, am praying for God's will, for our country to experience whatever we need to in order to turn us back to God. I'm afraid of what that might mean, but I know He knows what is best for us even if it won't be pleasant.

On a brighter note: I love it that either way, we'll have an African American president or a female vice president. How exciting is that?