Friday, September 17, 2010

Starts with an F and ends with a K

Shawn has learned how to say "fork". Kinda. Yea, it needs work. Let's just say I hope that his unintentional foul mouth won't get him expelled from the pre-K cafeteria. Yikes. A speech therapy intervention right about now would be *SUPER*.

My blog is quiet because I miss Zim. I have been blessed to be able to talk with some of my sweet young friends on the phone a time or two. Hearing "hallo aunti Melissa" on the other end of that phone line with NEVER get old.

My bible study group has started back up again. I am SO thankful for this. We are even skyping in one of our sweet sisters who had to move a few hours east. That technology is just super cool, any way you slice it. We are celebrating 4 years together. 4. Wow. Quadruple wow.

I have finished the book "Radical" by David Platt and have started "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan. Loving the modern day authors with an intense devotion to the church and the Kingdom of God.

My family and I went to a local African Street Festival today. Asher had his first ever T-ball game this weekend.....and we were blessed to be able to attend church today in freedom. I've also spent quite a bit of time this weekend online working on fulfilling my continuing education requirements to be able to renew my brokers' license. I have a long way to go....but enjoying my current course on "green living" and "sustainable living". It is very interesting and informative.

I thought I was signing off here...but Joe just walked in the house to tell me something. He has been outdoors with Asher, playing, while I sit here and Shawn is napping. Joe told me that Asher was talking in a very serious tone...going on and on about how he is down today. Asher is down because the Titans lost (although he didn't watch the game). He shared with Joe that he doesn't want to get too close to his daddy right now because he doesn't want to knock him down. He said "daddy I don't want to knock you down, I just want to build you up". Joe asked Asher where he learned that. He answered....."church".


Michelle Jeffcoat said...

Sweet sweet Asher. Ms Michelle was sad about the Titans too - and SHE wanted EVERYBODY else to be sad WITH her - sometimes it's good to be reminded of what's said in church - by those who are obviously far wiser than ourselves!!
Michelle J

Amy said...

"Fork" (or the foul-mouthed version of it) was one of the first words I started saying as a baby. My mom was just sharing the other day how I used to 'yell' it at restaurants and they finally had to stop going out to eat for awhile until I started to say it a bit better. haha