Monday, September 13, 2010

Just a Brief

I have been quiet. No particular reason.

My little ones are enjoying school and doing so well adjusting. Shawn looks super darling in his standard school uniform and wearing his precious little backpack. I can hardly contain myself when I pick him up in the afternoons and he is sitting in the pickup line, perfectly orderly with a smile on his face. I could lick that sweet face. No worries. I don't.

Asher is learning so much about spelling, sounding out words, and reading. He is starting to notice his site words in the books we read at home. "Look mommy, that says "the" and "to" and "and" and "he". Learning is FUN!

Fatima has finally received her computer and all the other goodies I sent her. That was a near fiasco with an unexpected customs tax....but thanks to some powerful convictions in my spirit, and some generous angels, it got remedied.

That's all I got for now. Nothing exciting. Sorry.

Love to all!

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