Friday, January 1, 2010


Day 1 of this new year has been swell so far. The hubs is off work today, unlike we decided to celebrate Shawn's birthday today, instead of yesterday. He does not yet know the difference.

He does, however, speak Elmo cupcake language. He knows he is being celebrated and he knows that chocolate is involved. Lord help his sweet little fat cells, he takes after his momma. The funniest part of today, for me, was that Shawn nearly threw a temper tantrum once he got to the bottom of his icing only to discover that the cup"cake" was white instead of chocolate. This might not have mattered had he not already noticed that MY cup"cake" was chocolate. He grabbed my fork and stabbed my cupcake with determination that it would be his. Problem was quickly solved. We shared. He was a much happier camper.

Shawn actually participated in the unwrapping of his gifts, and enjoyed this activity for the first time ever. Cute. Fun. Wonderful. And he was surrounded by the people who love him most.

So if today signifies the trail head for the beginning of this journey known as 2010, I'd say we're off on the right path. Yesterday, the last day of 2009, Shawn pulled his diaper out from under himself while I was attempting to change it...and slung poo all over the room. That one incident really summed up the end of mostly poo filled year. So appropos. I didn't even get upset about it. I've been cleaning up poo all year it seems. I couldn't have agreed more with Shawn's sentiment.

Later today I am going to begin reading one chapter a day in the book of Proverbs, per a challenge at my church. There are 31 days in January and 31 chapters in Proverbs. This too is so appropos. We all need more wisdom and Proverbs is simply that. If I can get my rear in gear, I'll hope to post something each day about any thoughts or experiences I have in reading through Proverbs again. Please join me. I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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If 2009 left you feeling desperate, lost, hopeless or misguided, please commit to claiming joy for your life this year, regardless of what each day brings. Joy is a gift from Christ. We must claim it through Him. He will meet you on your path, anywere.

Wishing you all joy! And ME TOO, doggone it!


Michelle Jeffcoat said...

Well WHO can BLAME Shawn for wanting the CHOCOLATE! I don't even know why people BOTHER with WHite cake??? What's the point?
I really really like the 31 chapters in Proverbs for the 31 days in Jan!!!
My pastor is trying to get us to agree to a REAL LIVE fast...FROM FOOD! I think i'll DIE!!!!
It's sposed to start THIS SUNDAY. I'm begging Jesus to throw me that special sign that says I don't have to do it....... heh heh.... he's pretty much not doing that.
I think I might really have to do it... and I'm sposed to like it. CLAIMIN THE POWER OF JESUS!!! over my huge appetite for food!!

Michelle J

Sarah said...

I think Shawn and I are kindred spirits--about the chocolate thing, not the poo thing! Though I've felt like slinging poo a time or two.

I'm glad he had such a fun birthday. What a great way to start the new year.