Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dreamin' Big!

It took several days for the birds to even notice that I had filled up their birdfeeder in my backyard. They are eating now. Like little pigs.

Yesterday I had a group of people over to do a little Africa "show and tell". It was lovely and I so enjoyed sharing my experiences. It might not surprise you that now I'm dying to go back again. I'd really love to go back in July when the kids have a break from school. They pretty much go year 'round. Guess I should start praying now. And if my heart has its way, Asher will go with me. That's huge, right? I need to raise and earn a lot of money. A lot. A whole lot. Because I also want to buy a truck for the wonderful founder of so many wonderful orphanages while I am there. I've blogged about her before. Wanna help me? My prayer is that you will rally up some friends, bible study groups, co-workers, etc. Just raise as much money as you can. Collect it and hold it yourself...and when you feel like you've raised all that you can, contact me and we'll get together. I'm dreaming big y'all. Real dang big.

Please also remember that if you live in the middle Tennessee area, I am a Realtor. You can also help me by hiring me. I've been selling real estate going on 9 years. I'm a Broker with great references, a great track record, and I do believe I offer exceptional service. I work really hard in my career to serve people to the best of my ability, with the purpose and intention of honoring God with my work. Please remember me.

In fact, I have to go work right now! God bless your day. It is a gift.

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