Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life Updates

I realize it has been a week since my last blog post. Here I am.

Things are happening around here. You don't mind if I share some real life junk, do ya?

The hubs and me started marriage counseling a few weeks ago...then we missed a few weeks due to holiday/work schedules, and now we are back on this week. Don't worry....I'm not about to air our dirty laundry for you....but just keeping it real. We're just not above admitting we need help relating and we need surgery, so to speak. Praying we can mend and be strengthened.

I have a real estate closing this week, and am busy busy with several clients. Yahoo. We need this!

We are refininacing our mortgage this week. We have been on a short term with a fast track to pay off our mortgage, but our current economy has made this incredibly strenuous. Soon we'll be back on the long track and will make minimum payments for a while, until we can really afford to chunk away at it again.

I'm trying really hard to learn the couponing tricks. Yesterday I saved $40 after going to 3 stores. That was not a lot compared to the super couponers I know...but its a great start for me.

The BIG thing for me, the thing that is stirring in my heart involves Zim. Surprise, surprise! I have been in pretty regular communication with the woman in Zim who has started and operates 4 orphanages. Upon meeting her in 2008 I learned that she is in desperate need of a vehicle. When I returned in 2009 I was surprised to learn that she STILL needs a vehicle. I guess I just assumed that it would happen. God has really placed this on my heart to spearhead. I've been collecting information from her and will be gathering it soon to begin the fundraising for this project. I (SHE) needs help. We need some big givers. I have come to understand in my heart that I cannot return to Zim to visit the children until Mrs. Maruta has a truck. And I have also come to understand that I have to give a large financial contribution to this cause, myself. SO....get ready because I'll be posting this info soon. Please be thinking about how you can raise money within your communities and with your sphere of influence...your friends, family, bible studies, at your work.... God bless you! Really!

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Sarah said...

It's great that you are both willing to go for counseling. I'll be praying for you. I know how exhausting counseling can be.

When you get the information posted about the fundraising, I'll talk to my Bible study group about it.