Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Favoite Color

My favorite color has been green for a long time. I don't know is just my favorite. Oddly however, I do not live a green lifestyle. I do not recycle unless it is made extremely easy for me. I have not been concerned about my carbon footprint, mostly because I didn't understand it. This past week I have been participating in a real estate seminar to keep up with my continuing education requirements...and to be educated about "green" home features and to learn how to save some money. I learned so much more. I'm horrified, overwhelmed and thrilled. Knowledge is power. I have already changed out most of our lightbulbs to the compact flourescents (CFL's) with the Energy Star label. I am making some immediate changes in our home with regards to conservation and recycling. I pray to God I will never throw a piece of plastic, being container or wrapper or anything plastic ever into the trash again. I might as well just throw garbage into the ocean. Oh how sad. Did you know that plastic never goes away. Never. It never biodegrades. Never. We must recycle plastic. Watch this very very short video, please.


Michelle Jeffcoat said...

Last year, I went on a girl scout trip with Anna's troop to a place called hike inn in Georgia. They are an all-green facility, and I was equally horrified with the info they gave us. My favorite thing from that weekend was the knowledge of and purchase of my chico bags (in 5 fabulous colors). I NEVER leave home without them! I think. I'm with you - trying hard to be better about what is a giant pain in the booty.
XO Michelle J

Michelle Jeffcoat said...

Just checked the site - and that's the link. They have new designs since I last visited. They fold up into smaller than a fist and fit in your purse! LOVE them!!!


Pete Ahlstrom said...

Hi Melissa,

Good to see you back on!

Important subject, too, tho lots of people don't want to bother. At least here.

We've recycled for some time. Yvette has our utility room set up with containers for all different kinds of things - aluminum cans, steel cans, plastic bottles, newspaper, plastic bags. Some we get a little money for; most not, but we're trying to do our little bit. Glas you now are too.


Sarah said...

Terrifying. That is a very chilling video.

Here's a green idea--should I send you a free sample of the cloth pads my friend makes? I LOVE mine! And I feel good about reducing waste.