Thursday, October 16, 2008

Video of Asher and Shawn playing

Asher and Shawn take time every day to enjoy some pretty vigorous brotherly play. Shawn loves to climb on Asher and really, just be near him. It is so fun to watch. The other day, Shawn was cracking up at Asher. By the time I found the flip camera to catch this video...the cracking up had stopped....but the play was still fun. Enjoy.



DEb said...

I can never not comment on your videos.... they are so darn cute!!!! And you in the background...always making me laugh by YOUR laugh... TOO MUCH FUN going on at your house all the time!!!

eveannunziato said...

Of course it did - welcome to "live TV!" But, it didn't matter - they both are too cute for words. And, I heard laughter.

Thanks for sharing. I needed this video today!!!

Pete Wilson said...

Gosh their sweet!

Tam said...

i love shawns eyes. they smile!!!