Friday, October 10, 2008

Shawn learning how to do sign for "stop"

Shawn has been learning more sign language. In this video he demonstrates the sign for "stop". Usually he does it a little better than this....but this is so cute anyway! Watch this cutie pie. Oh, and also you can hear him try and say the word "stop". He is really doing well with his vocalization and just in attempting to mimic sounds. FYI, he's in speech therapy once a week, pretty intensely, but it is fun and extremely helpful. We're so proud of him, and enjoy him so much. What a joy and a gift we have in all our boys!


DEb said...

I just HAVE to hold this baby!!! I keep telling Kyla to come get me if he's in her class... but she hasn't done so just yet... :(


Sarah said...

He is adorable. Yes, that definitely sounded like "stop." Thanks for sharing this.