Thursday, September 10, 2009

9 Days

I did not blog for 9 days, and I apologize. :)

While I am thinking about it, YES, I do receive and read my comments. In fact, anytime someone leaves a comment on one of my posts, it is emailed directly to me. I received a special comment from someone I don't know a few days ago while I was out of town and really appreciate knowing that something that I might write could possibly speak to someone elses heart. That makes me so much so that it covers me in goosebumps. If me, sharing any part of my life, my heart, my mind with you offers anything positive to anyone, then I'm blessed and honored. I open myself up to serve any purpose that God has in mind. Period.

My family truly enjoyed our time at the beach. It was our first ever family vacation so it was incredibly special. Spencer could not come with us because he had school, but Shawn and Asher enjoyed the beach even more than I could have hoped for. I will post photos in the next couple of days. They are spectacular!

My house is a blessed mess. A holy disaster and the laundry is insane. My carpets are so yucky that I feel like lighting a match....but that could be a wee bit drastic. I'll refrain.

I'm tired. In fact, my latest Facebook status update says it best: "I have no steam. My little engine cannot go. I try to toot toot but nothing happens. Waa."

If you are on facebook and we haven't hooked up....please find me.

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Sarah said...

So glad your vacation was wonderful. I'll look forward to seeing the pictures.